LUCE IN LOCKDOWN – The Journey to Lifestyle Blogging

Hi! I’m Luce, a 27 year old introvert who lives in Nottingham.

I started ‘Luce in Lockdown’ to stay occupied while I was furloughed. When I was figuring out what type of blog I wanted this to be, my cousin suggested a lifestyle blog.

All the lifestyle blogs I had seen before were heavily focused on beauty and fashion, full of effortlessly gorgeous photos that gave the impression that blogging was just a side hobby for the blogger’s full-time modelling career.

As much as I want to be one of those bloggers, I’m not.

I love beauty and fashion, but I have zero skill in either. I gave up on ever mastering winged eyeliner years ago and there’s a 90% chance with any outfit I wear that I will look back at it in five years’ time and cringe, so how could I ever be a lifestyle blogger?

Nevertheless I did some research (the lazy kind that only involves the first page of Google search results) and discovered that actually there are lots of different types of lifestyle blogs. In fact writing about my life and the things that interest me automatically makes me a lifestyle blogger.

I am not a blogger to look up to or envy. I am a life-long under achiever, too scared to be anything less than perfect so I don’t try. I tell people I’m a size 12 while my thighs give me an internal side eye. I went to counselling for five years and I feel so much better for it, but sometimes I still feel too anxious to talk in social situations.

But I also like to write and make people laugh, so maybe I still have something to offer the internet.

My goal with ‘Luce in Lockdown’ is to be as real and relatable as possible. So, for anyone who attempts make-up tutorials and ends up looking like a panda or takes 50 selfies for each one that ends up on social media or always feels like the odd one out – this is for you!

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