A Beginner’s Guide to Fanfiction

Welcome, my friends, to the world of fanfiction. Like Alice, we are about to venture down the rabbit hole, except instead of meeting jabberwockies and caterpillars we’re going to be talking about the likes of ships, slash and smut. The bulk of my adolescence was spent reading fanfiction. While normal teenagers experimented with alcohol and […]

How to Get Over a Break up

My relationship of four & a half years came to an end a month ago. It’s still a struggle at times, but in between all the crying and ice-cream and romantic comedies, I’m starting to catch glimpses of what a happier future will look like. Heartbreak is one of the few things that unites every […]

The Coolest Cocktail Venues in Nottingham

I know that for many people the pandemic has ruined the whole experience of going out drinking in town, but this introvert right here is in her element. No strangers in my personal space, no queue for the bar and I get to sit down all evening without fear of judgement from youths still in […]

10 Romantic Comedies You Need to Watch

Mark Twain once said, “Write what you know.” Well after spending 22 of my 27 years on this planet as a single woman, one thing I definitely know about is rom-coms. As much as I have tried to dislike romantic comedies, I just can’t. Yes, rom-coms are often clichéd and always cheesy, but that’s part […]

Your Socially Distanced Bucket List – 20 Activities for Summer

I think we can all agree that this pandemic is a giant pain in the backside. COVID-19 has rudely disrupted everyone’s summer plans, from sunny holidays abroad to day drinking with friends in beer gardens. Now that pubs are opening up again and travel restrictions are easing, it’s true that you could book that trip […]

7 Tips & Tricks for a Productive Pandemic

Many of us have been spending our days at home since the coronavirus hit the UK. Whether you’ve been working or on furlough these last few months, ‘the new normal’ has most likely taken some getting used to. There are certain things I miss about pre-pandemic work life, like laughing with the people in my office and the […]

Nottingham’s Best Brunch Spots

Finally cafes and restaurants have been given permission to re-open to the public, hallelujah! And what better way to celebrate than with the best meal of the day? (Brunch, obviously.) The aptly named ‘brunch’ is a hybrid of ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’, usually enjoyed after the former and before the latter. It is a beautiful time of […]

The 10 Commandments of Travelling Solo on a Budget

I love to travel. Exploring new places, learning about the history and culture, and of course sampling all of the foreign junk food I can get my hands on – what’s not to love? So far I have visited 15 countries and I can’t wait to add to that number when this corona stuff is […]

Easy Ways to Stay Active at Home

Since gyms have closed, we have all had to get a little more creative with our exercise regimes. A lack of weight machines, treadmills and cross trainers has forced many of us to go back to basics in order to stay active. It’s probably best to begin this blog by stating that these tips are […]

10 of the Best Click & Collects for Nottingham Foodies

Believe it or not, we are now three months into the corona virus pandemic in the UK. That’s three months of social distancing and working from home for many of us, and almost three months without our favourite pubs, cafes and restaurants. Since closing their doors at the end of March, food and drink businesses […]


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